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'''Pickering College''' is an independent, co-educational school for children in grades from Junior Kindergarten through grade 12. It is located in Newmarket, Ontario|Newmarket, Ontario in Canada on a 17-hectare (42 acre) property on Bayview Avenue. The school accepts both day students and boarders (Grade 7 through Grade 12 only). Pickering College is the second oldest independent school in Ontario, behind Upper Canada College (UCC). However, Pickering's main building, Rogers House (built 1909), is older than UCC's current main building, which was condemned and rebuilt in 1960. Pickering College is also the site of the Quaker Archives and Library of Canada which are housed in the Arthur G. Dorland|Arthur Garratt Dorland Reference Library.
CityNewmarket, Ontario|Newmarket
PostcodePostal codes in Canada|L3Y 4X2
Latd44.0470 |latNS = N
Longd79.4520 |longEW = W
Coordinates displaytitle
HeadmasterMr. Peter Sturrup
Bene Provisa Principia Ponantur
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